Māori Youth Led & Youth-Centered Approaches

There are many rangatahi throughout Aotearoa leading projects in their communities, to create better outcomes and opportunities for rangatahi. Check out some of the rōpū and mahi happening below!

Ngā Uri Whakatipu

Te Au recognises the importance of rangatahi voice and advocacy. Ngā Uri Whakatipu are the dynamic rangatahi team within Te Rau Ora, who oversee kaupapa rangatahi (youth activities and events) and provide an important youth perspective to the organisation, and to Te Au.
Ngā Uri Whakatipu work to prevent suicide and improve health outcomes for rangatahi across Aotearoa.

Rauemi/ Resources

Ngā Uri Whakatipu, rangatahi, creatives and health professionals have worked together to develop a variety of kaupapa Māori resources, focused on building and empowering rangatahi Māori.

Explore our resources and share them with your friends!

National Rangatahi Council

Nga Uri Whakatipu host the  National Rangatahi Council.  It  provides young people with a forum to voice their needs and to give them an opportunity to make a difference, in regard to suicide prevention, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The objectives of the National Rangatahi Council:

  •  Connect with like-minded rangatahi
  • Discuss current issues rangatahi are facing today and the impacts it has on their wellbeing
  • Find out what is happening in other communities

This kōrero has fostered ongoing discussions as to how the National Rangatahi Council can implement change nationally and support rangatahi to thrive as leaders.  There will be more information to come.  

Rangatahi Ora   

Au.E! is a rangatahi event aimed to build resilience amongst rangatahi in the community. Led by Ngā Uri Whakatipu, supported by Te Au, in conjunction with Te Puni Kokiri, Au.E! provides strength-based workshops to uplift and empower rangatahi, to work towards realising their own full potential.

Nga Uri Whakatipu have hosted Au.E! events throughout Aotearoa, in Pōneke, Otaki, Hawkes Bay, Hamilton, West Auckland and Christchurch. We hope to take Au.E! to more communities in the future.

Have a look at the photos below from past Au.E!

Au.E! Event Videos & Gallery

Sm:)e Video

Au.E! Video

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