Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora

“Too long it’s been hush hush with whānau... No more!... Information is better than no information”.

"This was a pleasure to participate in... it also empowered you to knock down your own barriers.”

“Chur to [my champion] and this Tiaki Whānau, I’d be dead and gone right now… straight up... I’m lucky”

“I really loved the frameworks from a cultural perspective. You can apply the concepts in any given situation."

"I feel confident now that I can assist others with support when they are feeling down. "

"It was very needed in our whānau. Loved the encouragement to speak out or to seek help”

“We loved the goal setting activity… we also have started a vegie garden together to get us spending time as a whānau”

"I love that it is something for our whānau to learn, to use...and also to feel contortable talking about suicide".

"It opened my eyes to be aware of what is happening around me".

"It gave me the tools to not be afraid to help myself first".

"My daughter has been having suicidal thoughts... I'm just grateful for my friend sharing this... especially having the resources to help me, help her.".

"Absolutely a well thought out delivery method for Suicide Awareness".

Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora

Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora: 1000 Whānau Homes is a programme designed to build healthy whānau by increasing their awareness of risk factors to suicide and building strategies that will strengthen whānau resilience and wellbeing. The basis of the programme is whānaungatanga and respectful information sharing.

Whānau Champions

Whānau champions are identified in communities across the country and trained to deliver the Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora tool kits.  The Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora toolkits have been developed to give whānau tools to help them through hard times.  The whānau champions take these toolkits and present them to whānau in their homes.

Whānau champions will have experience in supporting whānau and community initiatives.  They will also have knowledge of the potential whanau and a wellbeing approach and have an understanding of mental health and the impacts of negative determinants. Whānau champions will need to meet Te Au & Te Rau Ora criteria, as well as complete the Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora workshop to deliver the tool kits.  Te Au will provide all training and ongoing support. 

We are happy to announce we have reached our initial goal of resourcing 1000 whānau homes through the whānau champions initiative.  Due to the great feedback that we have received from this initiative, we shall continue to support whānau through Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora for as long as we can. 


*Photo Credit (Right top): Benoir Midwood-Murray (selfie photographer) & Shaneece Brunning (Whānau Champions)


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