Te Ihi Ora

Te Ihi Ora is a one-day wānanga that provides an exploration of important concepts and practices from kaumātua korero, encouraging participants to evaluate concepts within their own professional practice. Te Ihi Ora is a proactive response to challenging the issue of suicide for Māori. Wānanga are delivered in a bi-lingual format, therefore (although not essential) previous knowledge in Te Reo Māori would be an advantage.

What will be covered?

  • This wānanga builds on a Māori framework for working in a pre and post-vention space with mental health, self-harm and suicide issues.
  • This wānanga draws on an in-depth Te Ao Māori methodology, from kaumātua kōrero, for working with people effected by suicide or at risk of suicide.  The facilitation team have experience in suicide prevention, mental health and addiction treatment and have years of experience working with whānau Māori.
  • A basic level of Te Reo Māori is recommended.

Te Ihi Ora Events

Stay tuned for upcoming wānanga and events…

Manaaki Ora Wānanga – CHRISTCHURCH
Sep 9 @ 9:15 am – Sep 10 @ 4:00 pm
Manaaki Ora Wānanga - CHRISTCHURCH


Manaaki Ora is a suit of Wānanga developed as a way of addressing Māori suicide.   Each wānaga is tailored to exploring and broadening understanding of Māori approaches of working with whānau, individuals and community groups who are Māori.    There are currently three key parts to the Manaaki Ora Wānanga.   (Go to the links below to register for each wānanga).

The first wānanga, TANGATA IHI – is a short on-line introductory module (which takes approximately 1 hour to complete).  After you have registered for the Manaaki Tangata and/or Te Ihi Ora Wānanga, go here to complete the short intro course:   https://teaumaori.com/wananga/manaaki-ora-wananga/tangata-ihi/


Second (9th September 2020)- MANAAKI TANGATA  :  A face to face wānanga, exploring Māori models of practice with Māori whānau.

Manaaki Ora – https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/manaaki-ora-wananga-day1-manaaki-tangata-otautahi-tickets-114631269212


Third (10th September 2020)- TE IHI ORA : A face to face wānanga, exploring concepts and practices from kaumātua knowledge, to enhance practices of working with whānau Māori.

Te Ihi Ora – https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/manaaki-ora-wananga-day-2-te-ihi-ora-otautahi-tickets-114631606220

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