Te Au (The National Māori Suicide Prevention Centre ) offers a range of wānanga, to support a wellness approach to working with whānau Māori. These wānanga include:

Tiaki Whanau, Tiaki Ora – Supporting a ‘By whanau, for whanau’ approach to suicide prevention. 

Manaaki Ora – Manaaki Ora is a suite of cultural wananga that look at kaupapa Maori approaches to wellness.

Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai – Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai is designed to develop strong reflective practitioners who place the safety of wahine and her whānau at the centre of their practice. 

See our calendar for upcoming wānanga, or contact the wānanga co-ordinator to discuss things further.

Wānanga & Events

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Tiakina Te Āhuru Mōwai Wānanga – Kirikiriroa #2 @ Western Community Centre
Sep 29 @ 9:00 am – Sep 30 @ 4:00 pm
Tiakina Te Āhuru Mōwai Wānanga - Kirikiriroa #2 @ Western Community Centre

Are you a frontline worker, a health professional or practitioner of a service who supports Women and their whānau?

Could you say that your practice or service ensures an approach where women and their whānau are safe from mental distress, suicide, family violence?

If these questions have prompted your interest – you will be interested in this wānanga.

Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai Wananga.

We understand women may present to various agencies with different physical, mental health problems, and maybe screened about family violence. Yet most protocols will not ascertain risk of self-harm and suicide or have a consideration of her mental health or that of her whānau. Nor recognise that the help-seeking behaviour may be a sign of heightened risk.

The wānanga is built on the practice evidence of Māori experts who have dedicated careers to working with Māori women and their whānau. The rationale for this programme was informed through a workforce needs analyses of mental health and addiction workers, family violence and social service agencies.

Wānanga Details

Delivered by Kirimatao Paipa & Karina Cootes. It will begin at 9:00 am each day and finish at 4:00 pm. There are only 30 spaces available. Secure your attendance by clicking on the register button above.

Tiaki Whanau Tiaki Ora Wānanga – Hamilton @ Western Community Centre
Oct 2 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tiaki Whanau Tiaki Ora Wānanga - Hamilton @ Western Community Centre

What is it?

Tiaki Whanau Tiaki Ora is a suicide prevention programme developed by Te Rau Ora that aims to build healthy whānau by increasing their awareness of risk factors to suicide and the strategies that will strengthen whānau resilience and wellbeing.

We know suicide is not an easy topic to approach or discuss, however, we have developed tools and resources to help us do so safely.

During the wānanga

This wānanga is an orientation to the Tiaki Whānau Tiaki Ora programme and provides an opportunity and space for attendees to share and discuss this kaupapa and consider how we as whānau can support one another. We are strong believers that solutions lie within whānau and when given the tools and resources they can flourish.

It is our intention to sign on Whānau Champions (from those who attend), to share specially tailored suicide prevention toolkits with their whānau.