Whainga O Te Au

Te Au is the National Māori Suicide Prevention Centre of Aotearoa.  Te Au is focussed on promoting hauora, and for Māori whānau to address the issue of suicide within communities throughout Aotearoa.  The National Māori programme fosters local leadership, builds capacity and improves capability to develop and implement suicide prevention plans and responses throughout the country.

Te Au is the name for the National Māori Suicide Prevention Centre within Te Rau Ora (formerly Te Rau Matatini). 
Running since 2014 as Waka Hourua: The Māori and Pacific Suicide Prevention National  Programme.

The  name for the Māori component in Waka Hourua is Te Au. We align with the  objectives of Waka Hourua.

Te Au Objectives

  1. Building the capacity and capability of Māori whānau, hapū, iwi, rangatahi and Pasifika communities, to respond safely and prevent suicide.
  2. Ensuring that culturally relevant Māori & Pasifika training are available to Māori and Pasifika communities and the health workforce.
  3. Building the evidence base through Te Rā o te Waka Hourua, of what works for Māori & Pasifika communities.
  4. Building leadership for suicide prevention.

Ngā Mahi O Te Au

Te Au delivers culturally relevant training and activities that promote ways of achieving health and wellbeing for Māori.  These include activities for:  Wahine Ora; Tāne ora; Rangatahi Ora; Pae Ora; Kaimahi Hauora.

Te Tohu – The Logo

The name and logo Te Au, has been developed and implemented under the framework of the Māori community suicide prevention programme. The rationale for this is to strengthen the identity of the Māori centred approach to suicide prevention and post-vention.

Te Au literally means current (a current of water, or air) and the path (ara) that are utilised to steer a waka to reach its destination. Concepts of current and flow are considered to be affected by the respective elements of Tawhirimatea (wind), Tangaroa (the ocean), and Marama (moon)- ngā Atua Māori- joining together the elements of Te Tai-ao (the environment), and Te Ira Tangata (humankind).

The name Te Au was given as a metaphor to describe the flow of what may need to happen in eliminating suicide and the elements of the environment that needs to be navigated to do so. The logo incorporates a puhoro design that denotes speed and agility, with a dexterous form of a Whai (stingray) – a kaitiaki in some areas – which flows through the ocean with strength and grace.


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