What we will & won’t Fund

Can you apply?
If you identify as Māori, there are a range of areas you can apply including:

  • Whānau or hapū group
  • A local Māori community or advocacy group
  • An Iwi or Māori Organisation
  • A Regional or National collaboration between whānau, hapū, Iwi or Māori Organisations.
  • This may include nonprofit organisations, non-government organisations

If you are not a legal entity – you can apply for up to $10,000.00 if you have a verified bank account in your whānau or hapū name. Otherwise you will need to identify a funding partner who can umbrella your fund.

Who cannot apply?

  • Government Organisations
  • Commercial or for profit organisations
  • Political, religious or lobby groups
  • District Health Boards
  • PHOs
  • Tertiary Providers
  • Research Institutes

How does the Māori Community Fund work?
Māori interested in enhancing the wellbeing of their communities, through suicide prevention and postvention responses can apply for the Māori Community Fund. This one off funding has four categories of funding available. The Funds open 1st July and close 30th July 2020. Applications submitted are appraised at the end of the fund close date and funding is allocated accordingly.

What is the average funding amount awarded?

  • Māori Whānau and Hapū can apply for up to $10,000
  • Māori Community or Advocacy Groups can apply for up to $25,000
  • Iwi and Māori Providers can apply for up to $50,000
  • Collaborations between Iwi or Māori Providers can apply for up to $100,000

Can we get funding if we are not a legal entity or registered charity?
If you are a Māori Whānau or Hapū group you can apply for up to $10,000 provided you have a bank account that verifies your account name or you can seek support of a Māori provider with legal entity to umbrella your fund. Otherwise, the majority of funding will be to legal and charitable entities.

How much is in the Māori Community Fund?
In each of the four categories of funding – Whānau and Hapū, Māori Community and Advocacy Groups, Iwi and Māori Organisations and Collaborations between Iwi or Māori Providers is the equal division of funds to the total of $400,000.00.

What can be funded?
Initiatives that:

  • enable Māori to actively engage in the development of solutions to reduce suicide and increase wellbeing
  • support the design, development, implementation, or evaluation of initiatives across the suicide prevention continuum.
  • attend New Zealand based suicide prevention education or training opportunities
  • seed funding for the development of kaupapa Māori service design or developments
  • build the evidence base and Mātauranga Māori of what works for Māori

What will not be funded?
Initiatives that are about:

  • ongoing service delivery
  • staff
  • supervision or mentoring fees or costs
  • lease or purchase of vehicles
  • rent, lease, or purchase of building or premises
  • international travel
  • any ongoing fees or licenses
  • capital purchases over $5,000