The Māori Suicide Prevention Community Fund
The Māori Community Suicide Prevention Fund is one off funding that will support Māori initiatives in 2020-2021 to build the capacity of Māori whānau, hapū and iwi to prevent suicide within communities and enable an effective response if (or when) a suicide occurs.

Applications for the Māori Suicide Prevention Community Fund closed on the 31st of July 2020.

  The Community Fund Applications Exceed Expectations

There was an overwhelming response from around the country to the Māori Community Suicide Prevention Funding opportunity.  139 applications were received before the cut-off date and a total sum amount of $4.8 million applied for.   This response reflects the huge need across Aotearoa (NZ) for things to happen around suicide and suicide prevention.  However, with only $1.6 million available for the 2020 / 2021 year fund, only around 70 of the applied initiatives can be funded.

 Each application will now be reviewed and assessed by a panel of external assessors.  The panel has expertise from clinical, community, whānau and sector representation.  

The successful applicants will be notified over the coming weeks, where each successful applicant will start the exciting new phase of their projects and put their suicide prevention initiatives into action.  Each initiative funded in this round will have between September (2020) and March (2021) to complete their respective projects.  

Preventing suicide is a nationwide responsibility.  Building the capacity and capability in Māori communities, and whānau regarding adaptive strategies and resilience to prevent suicide is a core goal of Te Rau Ora.  Developing and fostering collaboration, learning, innovation and shared leadership to build wellbeing to prevent suicide requires an assertive approach ready to reach and respond to Māori communities.   

The establishment and distribution of the Māori Suicide Prevention Community Fund aims to support communities across Aotearoa  to build the capacity of Māori whānau, hapū and iwi to prevent suicide within their communities and to respond effectively if a suicide occurs. 

The aims of the Māori Community Fund are to:

  • Encourage a focus on Wellbeing
  • Provide support to Māori whānau, hapū and iwi that are experiencing suicide risk and/or are bereaved by suicide
  • Build inclusive Māori communities and strengthen resilience
  • Raise awareness about available supports and resources
  • Increase awhi to whānau known to be at higher risk of suicidal distress.

The overarching goal of the fund is to build the capacity of Māori whānau, hapū and iwi to prevent suicide within communities and to respond effectively if and when a suicide occurs.

All funded initiatives will demonstrate a clear alignment to the fore mentioned aims and Every Life Matters- National Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan.


He Tapu te Oranga o ia Tangata
He Tapu te Oranga o ia Tangata: Every Life Matters Suicide Prevention Strategy sets the vision for a future in Aotearoa where there is no suicide!!!

It predicts a future where the suicide rate has reduced, and every person and their whānau have increased confidence and feel their lives matter.

These are some of the key aspects expected to help people achieve their potential:

  • whakapapa – having a strong identity, knowing where they come from and where they belong
  • tūmanako – having self-worth and being optimistic about their future
  • whanaungatanga – being connected with friends, whānau, and wider communities
  • atawhaitanga – receiving support that responds to distress with compassion, respect and understanding. Also supports healing and recovery
  • kia mōhio, kia mārama – knowing where and how to access support
  • mauri tau – having easy access to support that recognises and responds to their needs when they are affected by suicide.

Over the coming months, keep an eye out for featured stories (on the Te Au Māori and Te Rau Ora websites), about the initiatives happening across the country that we will be supporting through the community fund.    

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