Self-harm and suicides within Māori communities is a serious issue.  Te Au provides culturally relevant workforce training and approaches to increase responsiveness and efficiency working with whānau Māori in a culturally appropriate way, to decrease suicide risks and build oranga (wellbeing). 

The Te Au training programs provide an in-depth Māori perspective, utilising tikanga and mātauranga Māori, Kaumātua korero, combined with mental health expertise and experience working with whānau Māori.  The courses bring a depth of knowledge, learning and strategies from Te Ao Māori, to provide early intervention to people in mental distress, or with possible suicide risks that may be encountered at different times, such as during work with the community, with whānau, or with individuals.

Tiaki Whānau, Tiaki Ora

Suicide prevention in the home with whānau champions.

Tiakina Te Āhuru Mōwai

A wāhine centred approach to safety with wāhine and whānau.

Manaaki Tangata

Working with Māori individuals and whānau from a Māori heath approach, to prevent self harm and suicide.

Te Ihi Ora

A Māori centred approach to working with Māori individuals and whānau pre and post-suicide.

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